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puffed cheez ballshoney bbqhot 'n honey

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Beatmaster Rebel Rocker

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Stereogram solution. You just ruined it for yourself.

chew on this:

15 million pounds

of Cheez Doodles® are produced each year. The same weight as

1,000 African elephants!

chew on this:

The total volume of Cheez Doodles® produced each year can fill

36 Olympic-sized

swimming pools!

chew on this:

If lined up end-to-end, approximately

72 miles of Cheez Doodles®

are produced each year.

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everything's better

with cheez

Watch what happens when you add the extraordinary
flavor of Cheez Doodles® to regular stuff.

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Sam Mayor[Opens new window]cheez doodles are my weakness
KürbisCat[Opens new window]@wisefoods you guys are awesome. Great snacks AND great customer service! Mail-order Cheez Doodles rule.
Gabby[Opens new window]who doesnt love cheez doodles? 😄😜😁😋 http://t.co/3h1gEc8i7J
Mackenzie Pye[Opens new window]who needs friends when you have cheez doodles
kaylen ♥[Opens new window]Have y'all tried those Honey BBQ cheez doodles? Once you eat one, you'll never be able to stop.
Kaitlyn McNamara[Opens new window]Evolution has given me the primal instinct to go straight to the Cheez doodles
Tom Ford[Opens new window]I haven't had cheez doodles in years I'm so excited:)
Bryarly[Opens new window]A perfect night in includes Star Trek and cheese doodles.
Regina Louise[Opens new window]Cheez doodles are the bees knees🐝
Cher Jackson - Lewis[Opens new window]Sitting at baseball practice eating a bag if puffed cheez doodles..... The family size bag ! 😏
Clayton Hove[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles make Mondays better.
MindOfDasya[Opens new window]The best cheez doodles ever!! http://t.co/3OBZexiW
Persia White[Opens new window]BBQ flavored Cheez Doodles. Everything I hoped for and more http://t.co/6t3xFj8w
Paul Tumminia[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles are the greatest things on this Earth.
Clayton Hove[Opens new window]Happiness is searching the tops of your kitchen cabinets and discovering a forgotten, unopened bag of Cheez Doodles.
Des Roundtree[Opens new window]I love Cheez Doodles. Regular ol' cheez doodles. Delicious.
Theodore Barnett[Opens new window]I LOVE cheez doodles. #bestsnack
Lucy Flawless[Opens new window]Will someone bring me Cheez Doodles? And, no, Cheetos are not an acceptable alternative.
Julia Roberts ♈[Opens new window]Best Cheez Doodles in the Universe! http://t.co/Gi7OJmhS
Clayton Hove[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles make things better.
Brian Conklin[Opens new window]Cheez doodles are deliciouss
Marie[Opens new window]Lucky to have an amazing husband, family and group of friends. And cheez doodles.
Preciosa69[Opens new window]cheez doodles are wayy better than cheetos puffs!!!
Your Beautiful♡[Opens new window]Eating my favorite cheez doodles in the whole wide world "Honey BBQ" thanks to my stepdad (: OH YES ! LOL
Crystal T[Opens new window]I may be in my 20's, but I still love cheez doodles as much as young children.
ahh_ly_vee ♔[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles #PUFFED (;
Derek Brunson[Opens new window]i forgot how good Cheez Doodles were #numnum
brandi[Opens new window]THEEEEE best cheez doodles ever !!!! http://t.co/Ds8oe59T
Ingern[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles <3
FierceFitVeganChick[Opens new window]White Cheese Cheez Doodles... Yummmmm
Mellow Sunshine[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles are awesome <3
Danielle J[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles mmmmmm #favoritesnackpasttime
Fernanda [Opens new window]Eating Cheez Doodles :] Yumm http://t.co/KEvJAAr
Joshua Jones[Opens new window]Cheese Doodles > Cheez-it
Cam[Opens new window]I love cheez doodles #justsayin
cbt[Opens new window]Cheez Doodles By Wise Are The Best Cheez Doodles EVER!
Jamie[Opens new window]i could really go for some cheez doodles right now..
Rebecca ✿[Opens new window]CHEEZ DOODLES!!!!!!!! Been wanting these for sooooo long <3 http://t.co/wRbC3FL
Spend your mula ;)[Opens new window]Hot n' Honey Cheez Doodles <3
Tina Heaney[Opens new window]Eating cheez doodles. I literally ate so many when I was younger that I turned orange. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.
Lin ✨[Opens new window]Hot and spicy honey cheez doodles =) #YUMMM
Chasity[Opens new window]Cheez doodles never gets old (:
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